Coffee and Berry – Wendell, not pea

Wendell Berry- What Are People For?

During lunch today, I had the opportunity to do some reading in Wendell Berry’s book, “What Are People For?” There, Berry offers rather compelling and, for me, welcoming arguments about how life should look. In ‘God and Country’, Berry laments that Christians, who should understand the value of God’s created world, are the last to see it. I must confess, I was one of those Berry lamented in the past, before my Seminary days. One of my Systematic Theology professors encouraged Christians to get into environmental movements, because that is where believers should be. We should understand the value God places on this world He called “good”, but we frequently don’t.

Kenya Kanake

On the other side, today I enjoyed some Kenya Kanake 2004. All I can say is that Kenya’s are one of my favorites. I love the brightness and winy complexities of the cup. Now, I did find that they aren’t too good in espresso, at least without special care taken when roasting (thanks Mike). But in a, gasp, drip machine or French Press, a full city Kenya is a treat for the tongue!


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