Hurricane After-Effects & Roasting

Last night I worked late, went home and enjoyed electricity!!! Isabel left us somewhere in the 19th Century for the better part of three days. Those three days seemed like an eternity! But at last, hopefully today, I can get to roasting some beans. I’ve about 2 pounds to send to St. Louis… Gotta get roasting! And then there’s the locals, and my experimentations with espresso. I’m excited to experiment with a blend of beans, including a high quality Ugandan Robusta, for espresso.

Another note on Isabel. We were truly blessed here — little damage, just some inconvenience. The news reported this morning that the storm damage was already approaching $1 Billion. And there are still 382,353 folks in VA and NC without power. Especially hard hit was Richmond, where there are still 145,547 folks without power. A visit to Dominion Power will give you some pictures and numbers of the devastation.

I’m currently reading through Mark Twain’s “Personal Reflections of Joan of Arc.” Given France’s public perception recently in America, this is a very interesting read!! Trying as well to read John Dos Passos “USA” series, but failing. Obviously, I was reading the book, but now I’m typing away!

Looks like I’ll be preaching again later this year. Back at Cumberland PCUSA in Cumberland County, VA. December 21st. It’s a bit exciting to preach at such a glorious time of the year, reminding folks of the wonderful gift we have through Christ.

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