I have been meditating on the Sumatran coffee. As you sample the world of coffees, you find incredible variety out of the same plant! Sumatra gives you a smoky, wild sort of coffee, when roasted right, and a Oaxacan from Mexico gives a coffee almost like chocolate. The infinite variey is enough to fill a lifetime for your palette.

My ponderings on the Sumatran beans come from my first roasting experience with that wonderful, exquisite coffee. At first, I was greatly disappointed with the roast. It seemed flat, lacking the luster and earthiness (above referenced as a smoky quality) in the bean. I left the remainder of my roast a day or so, and found it tasting much more like what I’ve had fresh roasted from a local gourmet roaster. So, with my roast notes in hand, I will soon go back to the roaster and try these again, and try to coax out those exotic flavors and oils from this bean.

If you are a fan of Sumatran, you may look as well at a New Guinea coffee. Quite similar.

All this rambling reminds me that God, in his incredible wisdom, created a world full of plants and animals, far more wonderful than we can hope or realize. When we realize just a brief, magical, fleeting expression of God’s wonderful creation, we should pause and praise Him who made us.

Sola Deo Gloria,


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